Enrollment Services & Employee Communications

Enrollment Services

Equinox believes that the implementation of your employee benefit plan is a critical component of your benefits package. Equinox’s enrollment team will provide on-site enrollments to ensure that your employees have the individual support they deserve when making their benefit elections.

Our Enrollment Services Include

Group Educational Presentations

One on one employee coaching to help make benefit selections

Online enrollment with call center customer support

Employee Communication

Employee Communication can be a key part of your benefit package. Employers spend millions of dollars to offer a benefit and sometimes a surprisingly small amount to ensure that employees understand and appreciate it. Communications — what you say, how you say it, when you say it, who you say it to — can make a world of difference in how employees or members feel and think about their benefits, workplace, and employer.

Popular topics:

Employee Benefits Booklet

PPACA Education

Wellness Education

HDHP Education

We provide a variety of communication materials to educate and inform employees about their options. We can provide video campaigns, email campaigns or custom marketing content before, during and after open enrollment.

Let us be your

Employee communications partner

Are your employees wise health care consumers?

Empower your employees to take charge of their health and medical care. We have the resources to educate your employees on health care consumerism—and save you money.

Are your employees getting the most out of your benefits program?

We have memos, flyers, articles and emails to help you announce and explain any new or existing benefit offerings.

Does your current broker provide you employee health and wellness communications?

We offer monthly newsletters with timely wellness updates, tips and advice designed to keep your employees healthy and productive.

Are your employees spending valuable work time creating employee communications?

Save time and money by making use of our easily customizable documents.

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