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Health Insurance can be complicated and every business is unique. We work with you to structure the right package with the right type of insurance. Should you self-insure? Are you large enough? Or does it make more sense to stay fully insured. We’ve got you covered on Medical, Ancillary, and Voluntary offerings. No matter your needs, we will walk you through finding the right solution for you and your employees.

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Health Insurance Carriers

Equinox works with all major insurance carriers to find the right plan at the right price. Whether you need a fully insured option or a self-funded plan design our team can accommodate.


Self-Insured Solutions

Self- Insurance in businesses of all sizes is on the rise. Equinox offers a wide array of self-insured options through the carrier or independent TPA models. Whether you need the stability of level-funding or want to maximize savings with weekly claims, we can accommodate. If you’re not sure that self-insurance makes sense we have provided a simple overview of self-insurance below.

Level Funding Vs. Weekly Claims

Smaller businesses or businesses looking to have a more predictable cash flow can still reap the benefits of self-insurance. By taking advantage of a level funding solution businesses are able to spread out their claims and administrative expenses over a full 12 month plan year. This allows businesses to budget on a more predictable basis. At the end of the year, your company retains any unused healthcare funds.

Weekly claims, or "pay as you go" funding involves paying out claims as they are incurred on a weekly basis. This will help you maximize savings throughout most of the year but it could expose businesses to months with higher payouts than budgeted. It's important to ensure you have the reserves on hand to cover your maximum exposure in any given month.

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Third Party Administrators (TPA)

Self-Funded employers have the option to work with an independent TPA which can help them gain greater control over one of their most expensive cost centers.

Independent TPA's allow for complete customization of the plan and even provide unique medical claims auditing and cost control tools.

Here are a few of our Partners:

Prescription Management (PBM)

Most businesses are painfully unaware of the dramatically increasing pharmacy cost their plan is absorbing. In fact, the average health plan will see their pharmacy costs increase to 50% of their overall costs by 2021.

In order to combat that we provide a unique platform that allows for businesses to procure transparent Pharmacy Contracts directly with the top Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM).

We also advise on prescription management services such as clinical management, formulary review, and step therapy options.

Small Business Solutions

The Chamber Health Marketplace

We offer a simplified online marketplace and HR portal where you give your employees the freedom to choose from a variety of health, life, and disability plans from trusted carriers such as Capital Blue Cross and Guardian.

Employers are able to define their budget and let the employees pick the plans and costs that fit their needs.

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Ancillary Products

Healthcare has become much more consumer directed over the last few years. As deductibles have risen, employees have looked to alternative methods to cover themselves in case of an emergency. The help cover the gaps, we provide a number of solutions, such as:

Voluntary Life, Dependent, and Child Life Insurance

Accident, Critical Illness, and Cancer plans

Short & Long Term Disability

EAP (Employee Assistance Programs)

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