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Who We Are

Founder Jennifer Maximenko, MHA, RT

Jennifer has over twenty years’ experience as an interventional radiology technologist and has worked in the office-based lab and ambulatory surgery center arena for more than half of her career. As an IR technologist and ASC administrator, she has worked side by side with physicians, assisting with endovascular procedures in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Her experience also includes revenue operations management, financial expertise, state and federal regulatory knowledge, and survey preparedness. Jennifer’s most recent administrative position was that of VP of Operations for a large vascular practice in Pennsylvania.

Our Services

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ASC Management Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to propel office-based labs and ambulatory surgery centers to new heights.


At ASC Management Consulting, our Operations services are designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your surgery center….

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ASC Development

Our ASC Development services at ASC Management Consulting are dedicated to guiding you through every crucial step in establishing a thriving office-based lab…

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Accreditation Preparation

At ASC Management Consulting, our Accreditation Preparation services are tailored to equip your surgery center with the tools and expertise needed…

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At ASC Management Consulting, we provide comprehensive management services for office-based labs and ambulatory surgery centers.

Including accreditation preparation, ASC development, compliance advice, State and Federal regulatory guidance, interim management services, revenue cycle management, IT management, and policies and procedures development. We partner with your executive team to develop and operationalize your surgery center to maximize productivity and enhance outcomes.

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Client’s Testimonials


Jennifer is an outstanding healthcare leader who has an incredible experience base in the vascular
health world. I have worked with Jennifer for more than a decade and do not hesitate to refer
colleagues to her for assistance. Her core competency is “getting stuff done” and her well rounded
background serves her well.
Her expertise is free standing vascular interventional services in the OBL or ASC and she is well versed in
regulatory issues as well as the business and clinical side of operations. If you have a project that needs
to be done well and on time and budget, she is a great resource to enlist.
In addition to her technical, clinical and business skills, she has a great management style that helps get
the most our of her teams.

Terry Litchfield

President, Access Solutions

We comply to State and Federal regulations and currently have clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia and Ohio.